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Flavored Pecans

Flavored Pecans

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*If you love candied pecans, you will flip for Worthington Farms flavored pecans. We take the classic sweet candied nut a step further with tempting, mouth watering, addictive flavor combinations. And we didn't just stop with sweet. If salty/savory is your thing, we also have different varieties to tempt your taste buds.

* All our sweet flavors are vegetarian and/or vegan friendly.
** Great if you are on a Keto or low carb diet.


Butter Pecan - Enough said. If butter pecan ice cream is your jam, this will get you weak in the knees. Definitely a favorite.

Maple Brown Sugar - You can't go wrong with this flavor combination. It taste just like it sounds. Sweet caramel maple notes. It is one of our best sellers and our customers just can't get enough.

Vanilla Cream - Mexican Vanilla is the star of this show with just a bit of butter to smooth it out. It is a perfect balance of creamy vanilla and sugar. One of my very favorites!

Autumn Spice - Think of pumpkin pie and you get close to this flavor. It reminds you of fall baking.

Caramel Apple - Melt in your mouth caramel with the apple playing in the background. People are in love with this!

Blueberry - Think of a blueberry muffin but with more blueberry flavor. Then put it on a pecan. And Presto get a blueberry pecan. It's magic!!!

Tangerine Spice - Reminiscence of citrus flavored tea. Lovely spices blend together with a hint of Tangerine.

Chocolate - This is for you Chocolate Lovers. Have all the chocolate flavor without the melty mess.

Gingerbread - This is a holiday favorite for you gingerbread lovers!

Egg Nog - Do you wait all year for your egg nog fix? This will be one that you will add to your list of things that make Christmas...Christmas!

Irish Cream - This is a March favorite because of St. Patricks Day. Bailey's Irish Cream flavor is mixed with Bourbon to create a lovely flavor that you can enjoy with out a hang over.


Lemon Pepper - Lemon lovers rejoice! This lemon pepper will have your taste buds singing!

Smoked Pecan - We use Pecan wood to give a beautiful smokey flavor.

Salt n Pepper - For those of you who are purists, this one's for you. The salt n pepper enhances the pecan and lets it be the star.

Garlic Parmesan - I love garlic and if you put it with Parmesan you really have something special. How can you go wrong with this pairing?

South of Buffalo - This is our spicy combination. Think of a Buffalo wing with hot Hatch chilies in the mix. The flavor comes first and then the spicy comes to kick in the door in 2 to 3 seconds later. Might sound crazy but they are great dipped in ranch. Try it and tell us what you think.

Chipotle - Smokey chipotle mixes with spicy red chili.

Sweet Habanero - Who likes it hot!!! This will set your tastebuds on fire in a good way. The flavor is so incredible that you can't eat just one but your mouth will remind you that you will be feeling this for awhile.

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