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Things to Know


We have the following minimum charges:

Crack n Pack and Crack/Sheller/Aspirator/Pack $50.00 for all orders from 1lb to 49lb.  Anything from 50lb and over is $1.00 for Crack n Pack  and $1.25 for Crack/Sheller/Aspirator/Pack.

Full Service +Full Service in 1 pound bags $100.00 for all orders from 1lb to 49lb. Anything from 50lb and over is $2.00 for Full Service and $2.10 for Full Service in 1 pound bags.


Please make sure that you remove all rocks, sticks, and dirt from your in-shell pecans  before you bring them to our facilities.  You will be charged for the weight coming in and you don't want to pay for debris.


We strive for 50% *shell out rate but we have no control over the quality of your pecans.  Sometimes the nut isn't filled all the way, sometimes it is completely empty, and sometimes there are a lot of stick tights (nut pieces that are stuck in the shell).   How you take care of your trees is a big factor on how good your shell out rate will be.  Watering your trees correctly, fertilization, and zinc applications will help you get the most from your harvest.  But there are some things that are out of your control like weather related damage (freezes, wind, etc.).   We won't know how much you are going to get until after we process your pecans.  If you don't get as much as you expected, please talk to us and we can give you suggestions on how to increase your yield for next year.  

*The shell out rate is the percentage from before to after shelling.  (For example  -  If you bring in 100lb of in-shell pecans and you get back 50lb of shelled pecans, your shell out rate is 50%)


We try to get your pecans back in a timely manner.  Our turn around is usually 2 weeks but if we have a lot of orders to process, it may take longer.  When you drop off you pecans we will give you an estimate of how many weeks it will take.  We will let you know if there are any changes.  Please be patient.  We want you to be completely satisfied with your order.

Crack n Pack

$1 per pound (in-shelled weight prior to service) Eliminates the need for a nut cracker. Crack n Pack cracks your pecans and then packs them into a box for you to hand shell later. Just drop off your pecans and we will contact you when they are ready to pick up. *Minimum charge is $50.00

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Crack/Sheller/ Aspirator and Pack

Cost is $1.25 per pound (in-shell weight prior to service). One step further than Crack n Pack. Your nuts go through our sheller which removes some of the shells after cracking. Then it goes through the aspirator that sucks off most of the empty shells. We then pack your pecans in a box for pick up. *Minimum charge $50.00

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Full Service in Box

Cost $2.00 per pound (in-shelled weight prior to service). If you don't want to mess with shelling your own pecans, full service is for you. Your nuts come back 98-99% clean in a box ready for storage. Call for lead times. **Minimum charge is $100.00

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Full Service in 1 pound bags

Cost $2.10 per pound (in-shell weight prior to service) Do you want your pecans ready to put in your cabinet or give to friends and family? Then full service in 1 pound bags will work best for you. No label is provided. **Minimum charge $100.00.

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